BeyondView Launches New AR Feature, Aligning the Real-world with Digital Twin Technology

From PR Newswire BeyondView, a data-driven, digital twin technology firm providing photorealistic, interactive, and digital commercial real estate solutions, launched a new augmented reality (AR) feature for its enterprise, digital twin software. The AR feature will be introduced across a sampling of BeyondView’s portfolio of leading real estate clients including Healthpeak Properties, Silverstein Properties, Daiwa House USA, … Read more

Beyondview recognized as one of’s 2023 Tech Influencers

From Here are the individuals, teams and companies that made the cut for tech influencers this year. Commercial real estate’s technology stack has spread to include areas that just a few years ago would have seemed unthinkable, at least in this space. New features and functions, not to mention advanced computing, can be found not … Read more

How the People Who Helped Bring ‘Avatar’ to Life Are Now Making Digital Twins

From Commercial Observer Computer-generated imagery isn’t just for the silver screen anymore as engineers say no to Hollywood and yes to a real estate paycheck. BeyondView, under the leadership of CEO Kul Wadhwa, is one firm that has stacked its ranks with defectors from showbiz who can whip up Pixar-quality digital twins and give clients an … Read more

New technology can support office leasing efforts

From Institutional Real Estate Americas The office market is facing significant headwinds from the trend toward work-from-home and hybrid work schedules. This has led to a competitive office leasing environment, though new technology offerings are helping office landlords with their leasing efforts. “The last few years have been tumultuous for the commercial real estate industry, especially … Read more

Survey: Virtual Touring Boosts CRE Revenue

Large majority use or will use immersive, virtual, and augmented marketing approaches. From Virtual touring of commercial real estate assets provides value, enhances marketing efficacy and brand perception, according to a recent survey by technology firm Resonai, a computer vision enterprise platform. The survey found that 75% of commercial real estate professionals are using virtual … Read more

M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Kul Wadhwa, CEO of BeyondView

From Sand Hill As CEO and Founder of BeyondView, Kul Wadhwa is revolutionizing the way commercial properties are marketed and managed. The company’s immersive, game-like experience is disrupting the commercial real estate landscape by accelerating the property leasing management process at a fraction of current costs.  We talked with Kul about how digital twin tech will … Read more

Real Estate Digital Twin Technology Firm, BeyondView announces Enterprise Agreement with WeWork Japan

From Real Estate Weekly BeyondView, a data-driven technology offering providing accurate, interactive, and digital commercial real estate solutions, today announced an enterprise agreement with WeWork Japan. BeyondView’s partnership will digitize WeWork Japan’s portfolio of properties and transform the flexible office network’s ability to market and manage their locations virtually.   “We searched the world and discovered BeyondView’s unparalleled digital … Read more

Space Planning Pros Lack Necessary Data to Configure Post-Pandemic

From About 90% of space planning professionals are struggling with managing work and learning spaces in more fluid, hybrid-use environments coming out of the pandemic, according to a survey of 255 professionals by Armored Things, a provider of AI software for space planning. Richard Scannell, CEO, Armored Things, said in a prepared statement that getting … Read more