Beyondview recognized as one of’s 2023 Tech Influencers


Here are the individuals, teams and companies that made the cut for tech influencers this year. Commercial real estate’s technology stack has spread to include areas that just a few years ago would have seemed unthinkable, at least in this space. New features and functions, not to mention advanced computing, can be found not only in the apartment space – where the consumer-facing applications are most in use – but also in the back end processes that run most CRE operations no matter the sector. Developing these products requires more than just knowledge of, say, machine learning or predictive analytics. At the same time, the men and women who build technology for commercial real estate need to have an in-depth under- standing of the problems the technology needs to solve. They need to be knowledgeable about both subject domains and that mix is not always easy to find. But find those people we did and they are highlighted in the following pages.

BeyondView is mixing digital technology with artistic ability to revolutionize the way commercial properties are marketed and managed. Led by CEO and founder Kul Wadhwa, the firm has established itself as an industry disrupter with visualizations that use AI and machine learn-ing to bring spaces to life. The data-driven technology works from already prepared materials including blueprints, CAD drawings and photo-graphs to prepare digitally white-boxed visualizations as well as completely redesigned and reimagined properties that demonstrate a commercial space’s potential. Presenting virtual walls and furniture, BeyondView’s digital twin technology provides a level of detail that is proven to accelerate a commercial space’s leasing cycle. In some cases, BeyondView’s software cuts the cost of planning and layout by up to 80%. Since its launch in 2018, the firm has expanded its team of professionals and incrementally enhanced the platform’s capabilities. BeyondView recently announced an enterprise agreement with WeWork Japan that will digitize its portfolio of properties and transform its ability to virtually market and manage its locations. Leveraging BeyondView’s digital twin technology, prospective tenants can virtually tour the reimagined flexible office space of WeWork Japan’s newest offering in Shinagawa before construction is complete. Before establishing BeyondView, Wadhwa co-founded three technology startups and gained experience at the Wikimedia Foundation as managing director, tasked with growing Wikipedia into a global top 10 website with more than 500 million users. He also spent several years as a volunteer technology advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on wide-scale technology deployments that addressed issues from global health to poverty.