Real Estate Digital Twin Technology Firm, BeyondView announces Enterprise Agreement with WeWork Japan

From Real Estate Weekly

BeyondView, a data-driven technology offering providing accurate, interactive, and digital commercial real estate solutions, today announced an enterprise agreement with WeWork Japan. BeyondView’s partnership will digitize WeWork Japan’s portfolio of properties and transform the flexible office network’s ability to market and manage their locations virtually.  

“We searched the world and discovered BeyondView’s unparalleled digital twin technology,” said Johnny Yoo, CEO of WeWork Japan. “Since they have a suite of solutions and an easy-to-use property management portal, BeyondView is the perfect partner for WeWork Japan to digitize its real estate portfolio. We look forward to utilizing BeyondView’s new “Live Walkthrough” feature to market our newest flexible office space in Shinagawa before construction wraps. BeyondView is transforming the commercial real estate industry while making a real-world difference to our business right now.”  

Leveraging BeyondView’s digital twin technology, prospective tenants can virtually tour the reimagined flexible office space of WeWork Japan’s newest offering in Shinagawa before construction is complete. Additionally, through BeyondView’s new “Live Walkthrough” feature, platform users will immerse into a digital twin to navigate a space akin to a stunning first-person point of view gaming experience. 

Kul Wadhwa, Founder and CEO of BeyondView said, “BeyondView’s digital twin offering has proven to be a disruptive force in the commercial leasing and property management process. Our platform’s capacity for collaboration knows no limitations, including teams separated by thousands of miles and several time zones. This partnership with WeWork Japan is a milestone achievement for the BeyondView team, and we are confident that this enterprise agreement will provide WeWork Japan with the digital support it needs to successfully advance property management and leasing activity across their robust portfolio of properties.”  

Since deploying with WeWork Japan in April of this year, BeyondView’s platform has proven to accelerate the flexible office space’s leasing cycle while simultaneously increasing overall property engagement. The platform provides customers with the ability to virtually tour their future workspaces while quickly reimagining the spaces to suit their specific needs. Working from already prepared materials such as blueprints, CAD drawings, or even photographs, BeyondView not only prepares digitally white boxed visualizations but also completely redesigns properties including virtual walls and furniture. Combined, these visualizations demonstrate a commercial space’s unmet potential.  

BeyondView’s digital twins integrate real-time data, stunning visuals, and a user-friendly communication platform to present a consolidated customer experience. The firm’s innovative and unique digital offerings are a visualization of real-time data that simplify portfolio scenario and resource planning as well supply chain management. The 3D data is reusable and is available for redeployment providing customers with a uniquely customizable experience at a fraction of current costs.